Legislative Update, 2/28/14

– The Board of Education candidate qualifying is next week. Candidates will qualify for seven districts that are roughly the same as the current seven districts without the superdistricts. The DeKalb Delegation’s map with long narrow districts (the “rainbow” or “spaghetti” map) was not approved in time to make it through the legislature for qualifying.

– The resolution allowing cities to create their own school districts did not make it to the House floor. There were not enough votes for it to pass. Because there was support for the resolution in House committees, the resolution is likely to be considered again next year.

– Druid Hills Charter Cluster leaders met with Superintendent Thurmond last week. DHCC leaders are hopeful that the meeting has started a dialogue that will lead to reconsideration of their charter petition.

– Parent Councils United (PCU) met last weekend. This group includes the executive boards of all DeKalb parent councils. The group discussed various issues facing our school district and decided to take action with a recommendation to the Flexibility Advisory Committee, a letter to Mr. Thurmond, a PCU town hall meeting, and a BOE candidate forum.

– Thanks to all the parents who attended community input sessions related to the flexibility options that DCSD is considering. The Flexibility Advisory Committee (FAC) plans to complete an executive summary for Superintendent Thurmond by mid-March. Mr. Thurmond will make a decision and recommendation to the Board of Education. DeKalb plans to file a letter of intent by May 1, 2014, notifying the Georgia DOE whether DeKalb will choose status quo (no waivers from state law), IE2 (system may request waivers for specific flexibility options), and charter system (system must allow local school governance and flexibility). For more information on these options click the link below. To submit feedback to the FAC, follow the link, then click “submit feedback” on the lower left of the screen. http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/flexibility-options