PTSA General Meeting Minutes October 19, 2015

Welcome and Introductions (Jennifer Boyanton, President)
The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m.
PTSA president, Jennifer Boyanton led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Old Business (Alan Wilson, Secretary)
Minutes from the September meeting were unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report (Emily Ayers)
Emily Ayers presented the status of the current budget and items paid for to assist the school.
Amendments to the current budget were proposed and a vote to approve was unanimously approved.
Principal’s Report (Ms. Susan McCauley)

  • Thanked the PTSA for the purchase of a golf cart for security usage
  • 22 students were submitted to be selected for Governor Honors
  • 247 took the PSAT out of 397 students
  • SAT comes out in March
  • PSAT results will be out in November
  • Golden Goose, 3 performances Saturday & Sunday (Oct 23 & 24)

New Business (Phil Polk)

  • Current events coming up
  • Phil spoke on the Enrichment fund and how it benefits the school, students, teachers & parents of DSA
  • SPA Dance November 7 th . Tickets $10, go on sale next week through Nov 6.
    Students can bring 1 non DSA guest only.

DSA Corporate donations & Grants Committee(Lisa Rubin & Lee Ann Else)
Spoke of plans for getting community business involved at DSA

PTSA Announcements – (Alan Wilson)

  • Golden Goose, 3 performances Saturday & Sunday (Oct 23 & 24)
  • Choir & Orchestra performing October 29 at Avondale Baptist Church at 7:00pm
  • Committee Chairs are available.
  • Presented Ms. McCauley with 3 recognition awards from the Georgia PTA.

Closing Remarks (Jennifer Boyanton)
Next PTSA General Meeting – November 9th
Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.
Minutes submitted by Alan Wilson, Secretary, DSA PTSA