April 14 DSA PTSA General Meeting Online Option

Please join us for the PTSA meeting and election Monday, April 14 at 7pm in the Kyle Theatre OR join us online!  We will be using the Citrix GoToTraining platform for this meeting.  You’ll be able to hear the meeting as well as take part in voting.  Computer requirements and directions below.

Slate for the 2014-15 DSA PTSA Executive Board are:

President Dr. Terry O’Toole
Vice President Carla Jackson
Treasure Open
Secretary Lyn Brown

The DSA PTSA Executive Committee wants all DSA PTSA members to have an opportunity to participate in meetings. To facilitate this, we are trying something new. Our April 14 meeting will be held in the Kyle Theatre at 7 pm Eastern time.  If you cannot make it to the school by 7 pm, you can join us online using Citrix Online’s GoToTraining Platform.


  • Pre-registration: See the link sent via This Week at DSA email
  • A computer or an iPad with Internet access
  • A telephone

You MUST login to both the web and the telephone sessions in order to participate in this meeting via Internet.  All voting will take place using the Polling feature.

Please refer to DSA PTSA web site for basic instructions. If you require help with Citrix at any time, please contact Citrix Technical Support online http://support.citrixonline.com/GoToTraining or via telephone at 1-800-263-6317. DSA PTSA cannot provide technical support.

Register for the Meeting

1. Click the registration link in the DSA PTSA Newsletter.

2. When the web page opens, enter your information and press the Register button.


Figure 1: Registration Screen

3. After registering, you will see a Registration Confirmation Screen similar to the one below. You can add the session to your calendar using the Add to Calendar button.

4. You can view and/or download materials associated with the session using the Please review and download the included training materials link in the middle of the screen.


Figure 2: Registration Confirmation Screen

5. If you entered your e-mail address correctly, you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail containing the details of the session. If you are unable to attend the session, you can cancel your registration using the link at the bottom of the e-mail.

 Registration Confirmation Email

Figure 3: Registration Confirmation E-mail

Join the Session

1. Several minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start, click the link in the registration confirmation e-mail to join the meeting.

Citrix will need to install a small application on your computer. If you receive an on-screen message requesting permission to install the application, allow it to be installed.

2. When you have been connected to the session, you will see a control panel on the side of your screen. Use the Telephone dial in information to join the audio portion of the session.

You Are Connected and Dialed In    Call in Information

Figure 4: You Are Connected     Figure 5: Call In Information

Accessing Materials, Sending Chat Messages, and Voting

1. You can access the materials for the meeting using the links in the Materials section of the control panel.

2. You can send chat messages to the organizers using the Chat box.

  • Raise your hand using the sidebar on the control panel
  • Type into the chat box
  • Press the Send button

Materials and Web Links     Type a Message

      Figure 7: Access Materials       Figure 8: Send a Chat Message

3. Voting will take place using the Polling feature.  When a poll is launched, your screen will change to one similar to the one below. Select the radio button for your vote and press the Submit button.


Figure 9: Submit Your Vote

4. When your answer has been successfully submitted, you will see a confirmation screen.


Figure 10: Your Vote Has Been Submitted Successfully

5. If the meeting organizers share the results of the poll, you will see a screen similar to the one below.


Figure 11: Results of the Vote