A Note from the PTSA President

The following was posted on the Parents of DSA Facebook Page on September 1, 2017:

To the DSA Parent family, the purpose of this post is to provide an update on the incident involving the Triplets of Belleville clip in French III class. I will ask forgiveness up front for the length of this post but its a pressing topic that deserves the time and space I’ve given it here. Please forward this to other DSA parents you know as necessary/needed:

As many of you may know by now, Mr. Dickson, the French III teacher, has been suspended following an internal school investigation of the incident and a letter from our Principal was sent explaining the incident and outcome to parents of the students in the class at the time. The matter has also been investigated by the School District administration with a decision forthcoming on any further action.

This is a very sensitive and emotional topic on many levels and I, along with all members of your PTSA Executive Board and School Council want to provide information, as we receive it, to ensure all of our parents are kept in the loop as updates unfold. I also welcome your thoughts and questions. The learning environment at DSA is unique, special and successful as evidenced by the academic and artistic performance of our students as well as the public recognition we have received. Our focus is to protect and ensure that environment is maintained for the ongoing success and maturation of our children and students.

A letter was sent by members of the DSA PTSA Executive Board and School Council to Superintendent Green of Dekalb County Schools, and Mr. Trenton Arnold, Regional Superintendent DCSS. The purpose of the letter is to ensure that whatever decisions reached or actions taken by the District are well reasoned, thoroughly vetted, and in the best interest of the ongoing success of DSA students, faculty, administration and staff. A copy of the letter is listed below and I will be sure to provide updates as we receive them:

Dear Superintendent Green,

As you know, DeKalb School of the Arts has been in the news this week. We are not privy to the details of the personnel matter, but we are aware of the media coverage and the parent response. In fact, DSA has a closed parent Facebook page where individuals have exchanged thoughts about the incident. Based on those comments (which we are happy to share with you), student input, and discussions with DSA parents, we humbly request that you take the time to thoroughly assess the situation. Please speak with parents (beyond those mentioned in the news stories), students, and teachers regarding Mr. Dickson’s history and performance at DSA. We hope that the District will take time to develop a thoughtful response, even though this is a sensitive and emotional topic.

Thank you for your consideration,

Philip Polk, DeKalb School of the Arts PTSA President
for the Parent leaders of the DSA PTSA and DSA School Council

Contact Information:

Superintendent Green: RSGreen@dekalbschoolsga.org
Mr. Trenton Arnold: trenton_arnold@dekalbschoolsga.org

DeKalb County Board of Education

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